About Us

Mlabas Insulation Contractors (MIC) Is a wholly owned black company and service provider based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.  Drawing from extensive previous engineering experience, and identifying a niche in the market for a black firm to offer vital insulation services and products thereby taking pride in the decision not to become minority partner or figureheads for an existing white owned company wishing to benefit from BEE contracts


Mission Statement

Through quality superior and professional customer service, Mlabas Insulation Contractors is committed to be the preferred service provider to all our customers. Conduct our business in a safe and responsible manner and under the South African laws and regulations.



To grow our business by providing quality service to our customers, MIC offers training and growth opportunities to our employees and aid in the upliftment of our communities.


Our Objectives 

Provide products that consistently meet required or agreed specifications.

Satisfy our customers with quality workmanship, quality service and value for their money.

Return on investment (ROI).

Consistently improve and grow the business, where necessary making use of external expertise.

Avoid accidents and negative impacts on the environment through adhering to all general and industry-related safety and environmental rules and regulations.

Establish and maintain good relationships with the local communities in which we operate by employing and training people in the communities.

Transfer skills to all the employees involved in their projects.

Actively participate and contribute meaningfully to the process of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).


To achieve our objectives we aim to

Use guaranteed products and test all products used for quality and safety.

Adhere to all required standards, rules and regulations.

Increase quality awareness with all our employees.

Offer improved and updated training methods for all employees.

Mlabas Insulation Contractors pledges itself to uphold and respect the South African Labour Laws. Amongst others, we abide by the requirements of

The Labour Relations Act

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act

The Employment Equity Act

The Skills Development Act.  


Quality Standards

The management of Mlabas Insulation Contractors is committed to a policy of continuous quality improvement throughout the company using the existing SABS ISO9002 Quality Management System as a framework. MIC is working towards attaining the SABS ISO 14000.


Procurement Policy

All production materials are purchased to specified requirements in order to ensure that manufactured products comply with the required specification. Where appropriate, MIC will call for the right to verify material at source to ensure that all materials comply with required specifications and industry standards.


Company Background

Mlabas Insulation Contractors presently has members with vast experience.  In addition we have ten permanent staff members with various levels of expertise in their designated tasks with ongoing training provided. We also employ as many as twenty temporary workers dependent on project needs. Although many of these workers are unskilled labourers, they are well supervised and where required trained, thereby learning new skills.



Besides numerous small hand tools, the company posses larger equipment such as an Industrial Press Machine, Bending Machine, Jenny Machine a Guillotine and Scaffolding. At present other equipment such as compressors and scaffolding are hired as the need arises due to capital restraints.

Financing for projects are to some extent funded by First National Bank on evidence of receipt of contract. In order to ensure peace of mind to our clients we are covered for R5 million (Public Liability Insurance with NEW NATIONAL ASSURANCE COMPANY).

While the company is committed to continued growth; the policy is not to do this at the risk of growth exceeding capital requirements for sustainability.